giovedì, aprile 2, 2020

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In giro per Berlino con la musicista Thala

Un paio di settimane fa ho avuto il piacere di seguire una serie di concerti tenuti da Thala per le strade di Berlino. Ho catturato le immagini di quella indimenticabile esperienza in una serie di video che è possibile guardare [...]

ottobre 29, 2019 L'isola di Govinda

Grey by Alice Phoebe Lou (video on IsoladelleroseTV)

Grey is a song of distance. It’s not only a color, is something more. In Grey you can hear the stolen “dignity” of a person who has lost his power. Grey is meditation. The city is changing because you and [...]

ottobre 26, 2015 Discovering Berlin, L'isola di Govinda, Notizie dal Polo

IsoladelleroseTV on Google+

Follow our Youtube Channel IsoladelleroseTV also on Google+. After a year full of success, we decided that we want to share more with our viewers of Youtube. We are a small channel but we are growing little by little. For [...]

ottobre 23, 2015 Discovering Berlin, L'isola di Govinda, Mondo, Viaggio nei Paesi Baltici

Alice Phoebe Lou Live on IsoladelleroseTV (Music Video)

We already know Alice Phoebe Lou. She is in Berlin one of the most talented artists. Today it’s exactly 1 year ago since we uploaded our first video about Alice Phoebe Lou Live sessions. I would like to thank all [...]

maggio 6, 2015 Discovering Berlin, L'isola di Govinda

Alice Phoebe Lou on Isoladellerosetv

Couple of months ago I filmed the south african singer/songwriter Alice Phoebe Lou in Berlin. We are glad to annouce that her video – on our channel Isoladellerosetv – lands more than 10.000 views! Every friday night she plays at the [...]

agosto 11, 2014 Discovering Berlin, L'isola di Govinda