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Nick Morrison Live on IsoladelleroseTV (Music Video Version)

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Nick Morrison BerlinMauerpark on sundays is a beautiful place to visit in Berlin. There you can see a big flea market, a famous karaoke, and great singers playing intense music just for you (I mean, this is the feeling when you go alone there, and it is a good one). Nick Morrison is one of them. As is written on his facebbok page, Nick is “a French-American guitarist and singer-songwriter. His otherworldly guitar-playing and ecstatic singing are profoundly marked by american folk and african music. Candid and contemplative, his lyrics treat both contemporary and timeless themes”.

Well, this describes perfectly what is the sound of Ferguson. We realized a “music video version” of the live that Nick & Band made couple of days ago in Berlin. Watch it on our Youtube-chanel IsoladelleroseTV and Share it!

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