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Grey by Alice Phoebe Lou (video on IsoladelleroseTV)

Giuseppe Govinda 26 ottobre 2015 Discovering Berlin, L'isola di Govinda, Notizie dal Polo Commenti disabilitati su Grey by Alice Phoebe Lou (video on IsoladelleroseTV)

Grey is a song of distance. It’s not only a color, is something more. In Grey you can hear the stolen “dignity” of a person who has lost his power. Grey is meditation. The city is changing because you and your feeling are not the same anymore. Grey is also hope. “Hey, hey you, yes you/with the smile/Would you take me/under your wing for a while”.

After the success of Untitled and of the full concert, watch the video of the song Grey by Alice Phoebe Lou on our Youtube channel IsoladelleroseTV!

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